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Moscow regionRussia
12 place 2017 12 place West
Year of foundation 2004
Division West
General coach: Ivan Ponomaryov
Club Name

Autonomous non-commercial organization Hockey Club Vityaz

Total number of trainees of all ages in 2014 - 2017


School Name

Municipal additional education institution Specialized children and youth Sports school of the Olympic reserve Vityaz


Sergey Levashev

Coaches of the 2017

Ivan Ponomaryov, Vladislav Seliverstov

Year of foundation


Best trainees

A. Panarin, N. Prokhorkin, I. Petrakov, K. Maslov, I. Ivanov, N. Shatskiy, A. Shvets-Rogovoy, I. Vereshchagin, E. Voronkov, V. Bochkarev


Array place 2014 10 place West
Array place 2015 2 place West
Array place 2016 8 place West
Array place 2017 12 place West
Array place 2018 6 place West
Array place 2019 1 place Superfinal