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This was the first such tournament for me — this big, and this important. Obviously, it’s a bit strange — that many spectators, many of whom felt for us ... as if the whole world were watching. I tried to play well — maybe that didn’t come off, but I did try. I feel grown-up now, when I go out onto the ice — as if I were a senior player already.
Vladislav Mikhailov
goalkeeper, Admiral — 2018, No. 20
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This is a good tournament, very impressive. Everything was just like is in the senior game — the emotions, the feelings, the tension. I’m sure of myself when I go out onto the ice, building my team up. All of us are capable of taking the lead here, so in the locker room we all know what needs to be said to get the team going.
Fyodor Spelkov
attack, Avtomobilist — 2018, No. 15
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This is a major tournament — the organisation’s good, and the hotel is really classy! The arenas are huge, with loads of fans — you can even get a bit fazed, sometimes! It’s really important to show what you can do here — it’s our first serious tournament. Before a game I think about how you have to keep fighting to the end, whatever the score — because real hockey players never give up.
Nikita Shamkiy
attack, Barys — 2018, No 2
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This is a very serious tournament — every win here is a reason to celebrate, and we strive to justify our coaches’ and fans’ confidence in us. I’m full of energy when I go out onto the ice, ready to give my all to the game, to do everything I can to win. I’m not afraid of pressure from the stands — it even helps, actually!
Maksim Vasilyev
attack, Salavat Ulaev — 2018, No. 74
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This is a good tournament, and I think we’re good enough to win it. I love everything about it. Obviously, the games are the most challenging thing, but I try to do myself proud. I set my sights on my hero, Evgeny Malkin, since he’s also from Magnitogorsk and is a really cool player! I don’t feel that grown-up myself yet, to be honest, but I do take the matches seriously.
Ilya Guzhov
defenseman, Metallurg — 2018, No. 26