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New Gazprom Neft Cup logo unveiled

26 August 2019 | Report

The Gazprom Neft Cup International Kids’ Hockey tournament has been given a new logo and branding, to be revealed to fans for the first time at the 2019 IIHF World Junior Ice Hockey Championships.

The new visual concept was developed by creative agency Weavers Brand Consulting. The key element of the tournament logo is a helmet, featuring the protective mesh used in youth hockey (instead of the plastic visor used in adult games). The winged logo symbolises speed and energy, and is complemented by a dynamic font, in trendy bright colours.

Alexander Dybal, Chairman of the Organising Committee and a member of the Management Board at Gazprom Neft, commented: “In 13 years the Gazprom Neft Cup has gone from being a competition between four Siberian cities to become the biggest non-commercial youth hockey tournament in the world. Thirty one teams, from 10 countries, competed for the Cup in 2019. We’re expecting the tournament’s geographic coverage to increase still further in 2020. In view of the Cup’s international format, and its development into what is, effectively, the U-11 European club championships, branding needed a radical update in line with the scale of the tournament. The visual solution is based on classic hockey paraphernalia. We’ve used the shape of a helmet typical of many hockey organisations. The helmet’s protective grille immediately identifies this as a youth tournament. And, obviously, trendy colours, conveying the energy and high emotions of youth hockey. All of which results in an easily recognisable logo, which we’ll be using in all communications for the 2020 tournament.”


The Gazprom Neft Cup U11 children’s ice-hockey tournament was established by Gazprom Neft in 2007. The company remains responsible for the full financing and organisation of the event. The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) is the partner to the tournament.

Tournament competitors come from the junior sides of KHL club teams, with international clubs, not members of the KHL, participating on the basis of ‘one team per country’. Thirty-one teams, from 10 countries including Russia, Austria, Belarus, China, the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Slovakia took part in the 2019 XIII Gazprom Neft Cup. The Gazprom Neft Cup is now the most important non-profit children’s hockey tournament in the world.

Gazprom Neft Cup matches take place at the Bolshoy and Iceberg Olympic ice arenas, in Sochi. The competition enjoys an unparalleled level of organisation for a youth tournament: matches are officiated by professional judges, and the Opening and Super Final Ceremonies are broadcast live on the MatchTV and KHL television channels.