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Our very own – in the Russian U-18 youth team

12 April 2019 | Report

Photo fhr.ru

It’s all coming around — and it’s all going to plan. And now, in the expanded Russian national squad, which sets off for the World Championships on 18 April, we see some familiar names. And we’ll be keeping an eye on these familiar names. Because — yes, we can say, with some pride — THESE ARE OUR VERY OWN! They’ve been through the Gazprom Neft Cup, they’ve grown up, and they’re moving on — onwards and upwards. There’s 16 of them this year — that means goal tenders Yaroslav Askarov, Ilya Gorbunov and Vsyevolod Skotnikov; defenders Roman Bychkov, Pavel Elizarov, Alexander Kirpichnikov, Shakir Mukhamadullin, Semen Chistyakov and Nikita Sedov; and forwards Ilya Nikolaev, Rodion Amirov, Arseny Gritsyuk, Egor Chinakhov, Danil Gushin, Egor Spridonov and Danil Khulapov. From 18 to 28 April we’ll be rooting for our Russian youth players — and feeling for some of them, in particular.