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The best of the best

27 April 2019 | Tournament

Congratulations to all the players in the XIII Gazprom Neft Cup, who delivered some excellent results, and whose individual achievements will see them go down in the Cup’s history.

Top scorer, best assist, and most productive player, EAST GROUP: Alexander Sorokin, Traktor

Сорокин Александр

Top sniper and best forward, EAST GROUP: Andrei Kuzovlev, Torpedo

Кузовлев Андрей

Best goal tender: Danil Shlaev, Vityaz

Шлаев Данил

Best goal tender, EAST GROUP: Artyem Kayunov, Traktor

Каюнов Артём

Best defender, EAST GROUP: Ivan Makhmutov, Metallurg

Махмутов Иван

Best player in the tournament, EAST GROUP: Egor Trofimchuk, Yugra

Трофимчук Егор

Most disciplined team, EAST GROUP: Kunlun Red Star

Best coach, EAST GROUP: Alexei Korkurin, Torpedo

Кокурин Алексей

Best goal tender, WEST GROUP: Mikhail Petukhov, Dinamo (Moscow)

Петухов Михаил

Best defender, WEST GROUP: Artyem Buslaev, CSKA

Буслаев Артем

Best forward, WEST GROUP: Ivan Belugin, Vityaz

Белугин Иван

Best player in the tournament, WEST GROUP: Nikita Golubev, Lokomotiv

Голубев Никита

Most productive player, WEST GROUP: Maxim Seldemirov, Vityaz

Сельдемиров Максим

Most disciplined team, WEST GROUP: Oceláři Třinec

Best coach, WEST GROUP: Sergei Vorobyev, Vityaz

Воробьев Сергей

Congratulations to the very best at what they do!