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Breakfast with the stars, by the waters of the Black Sea!

26 April 2019 | Video Diary

With a fantastic, jam-packed day ahead, you need to build up your strength! So this year’s Gazprom Neft Cup teams headed off to breakfast. Things got even more exciting though when they found world hockey champion Alexei Yashin, European Champions Cup winner Aleksey Kalyuzhny and national MatchTV star commentator Denis Kazansky waiting for them.And it’s by no means clear who had the most fun — because the hockey stars came out beaming! Note though that the stars of today’s Super Final — the Torpedo and Vityaz players — proved to be real pros, asking the press not to attend pre-match team talks and training. So the mystery is about to unfold, with the Super Final show programme starting at 19:00 pm at the Olympic Bolshoi Palace of Sports, Sochi, and the Super Final match — between Torpedo (Nizhny Novgorod) and Vityaz (Moscow Oblast) — starting at 19:30 pm. Catch it live on our website, and on the KHL TV channel.