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Peter Regin: Enjoy it, Jokerit!

11 April 2019 | Interview

By tradition, ice-hockey players in older teams will be following the progress of their club mates at the XIII Gazprom Neft Cup. We’re putting together a series of good wishes from senior players. They envy the energy and pure emotions of the eleven-year-olds and willingly share their own experiences, which is vital before such an important tournament.

Peter Regin, centre forward for the Danish national team and captain of Jokerit (Helsinki, Finland), recalls his own days as a youth player.

“When we were juniors, we played in a tournament in the Czech Republic every April, after the season in Denmark ended. I still have great memories of travelling by bus all night, chatting to my best friends on the team. But it was also an excellent opportunity to play against opponents from outside Denmark and to see that we really could compete with teams from all over Europe.

I’d like to wish all of the players and teams success in the tournament in Sochi! Enjoy the games!”

Teams mentioned Jokerit (Helsinki) Jokerit Helsinki