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Gazprom Neft Cup players meet Russian President!

11 May 2018 | Report

Players from the Sochi kids’ ice-hockey team, who have played in previous Gazprom Neft Cup tournaments, took part in a Night Hockey League gala match. The young athletes formed a corridor for the legendary Viacheslav Fetisov, Pavel Bure and Sergey Fedorov as they took to the ice at the Bolshoy Ice Dome. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin took part in the game between a team of amateurs and the ice-hockey legends. The country’s leader greeted the future champions like fellow players, and gave a separate nod to all Gazprom Neft Cup participants in his speech:

“I congratulate everyone who took part in this championship, especially the finalists. I would like to thank you once again for getting involved in sport, setting a shining example to these future stars and the young athletes who are also represented here today, and to whom I would like to give a special mention. You are a wonderful example for sports fans of all generations. And you are fantastic athletes yourselves, in that despite your busy schedules and your professional concerns, you still find time for sport. Thanks to you, millions of people are opting for a healthy lifestyle. This is an exceptional, excellent and genuinely significant contribution to the health of the nation.”

The President of the Night Hockey League, two-time Olympic champion and seven-time world champion Alexander Yakushev, was presented with a valuable prize: a jersey signed by the XII Gazprom Neft Cup participants. How many future Olympic and world champions are there among these autographs? Only time will tell!

You can find out more about the Night Hockey League gala match in this Channel One story: