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Sochi’s Bolshoi Palace of Sport is hosting Gazprom Neft Cup Photo Exhibition

21 November 2016 | Report

The permanent exhibition, highlighting Europe’s largest youth team hockey tournament, has received a permanent ‘pass’ in the local Palace of Sport after the conclusion of the Sochi investment forum. Visitors to this most modern hockey arena in the country can enjoy shots in which professional photographers captured the most dynamic and emotional moments of battles on the ice, the whole range of the young athletes’ feelings, and their passion for victory. The exhibition aroused the interest of both guests to the business forum, and of hockey fans, who come to support Sochi hockey club.

“We selected the most interesting and gripping shots, by real artists in the field of photography. The exhibition shows how high-stakes children’s hockey can be, how the guys’ eyes shine when they come out on to the ice to the applause of 12,000 fans. For the majority of them, Gazpron Neft Cup is the first stage in a long career, a first step to the higher echelons. By tradition after the end of the competition, we give competitors a photo booklet that includes the very best shots. The exhibition gives us a chance to preserve memories of the tournament for the fans as well,” explained head of Gazprom Neft regional policy management, Anna Kazarina.