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Vladimir Myshkin: “The kids should know where our victorious hockey tradition comes from!”

24 April 2016 | Report

Today the Omsk Region Hockey Hall of Fame held a tour for the young hockey players of Avangard-2009. Among the guests was Vladimir Semyonovich Myshkin, 1984 Olympics champion, six-time world champion, and now deputy director general of the „Legends’ Park” project in Moscow.

The young hockey team, along with their parents, took a short trip back in time and got to know about the history of hockey in the city of Omsk from the arrival of the game to the present day. The museum’s custodian, Vitaly Vysotsky, led the tour.

The young athletes saw some rare and unique exhibits that tell the story of hockey in Omsk. The kids were fascinated by the old hockey kit — skates, uniforms and sticks of the past — and looked at rare photos of Omsk’s legendary Olympic champion defenseman Viktor Blinov. They also enjoyed the display commemorating the 65th anniversary of their own Avangard club.

„I’m really happy to be in Omsk. It’s always good to come back to the Omsk Region Hockey Hall of Fame, of which I am a curator,” said Vladimir Myshkin. „Hockey touches the lives of many people. In our Moscow museum, we’re about to open a Hall of Fame, which will include Omsk’s own Viktor Blinov. At present, we have 147 members of our Hall of Fame, but we’ll surely be adding more. It’s good to see that in Omsk people remember Blinov and are proud of him. People should know their history and understand where our victorious tradition comes from. It’s great that we can bring this to life for young hockey players.”

„It was all really cool!” said Ivan Krutikov, one of the Avangard-2009 players. „I really liked the bit about the first stadium where Spartak played, and when they talked about the coaches and the cups that Avangard has won. But most of all I liked the story of the game between our team and Czechoslovakia B.”

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