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Chelyabinsk consistency

19 April 2016 | Interview

The Chelyabinsk team Traktor will be taking part in the 10th Gazprom Neft Cup in Omsk. This Urals club can brag of its consistency through the generations. The son of coach Alexander Zhuldikov plays in the KHL for Traktor, and Alexander (‘Sasha’) Tertyshny, Traktor-2005 forward, is the son of the famous defender Sergei Tertyshny.

Alexander Zhuldikov, Traktor-2005 team coach

„How do I help my son, who plays in the KHL? Now it’s less, but earlier, before Nikita reached that level, he was always asking for my advice and input. Now we call each other after every game, we meet up, we discuss things. Nikita started playing hockey at age seven, he wanted to himself, and my wife did everything. At that time, I was still playing and I just didn’t have time. He started at the Traktor sports school and eventually made it up to the main team. Am I glad that he followed in my footsteps? Of course, since he has reached such a high level,” said Alexander Zhuldikov.

Sasha Tertyshny, Traktor-2005 forward

„How did I start playing hockey? When I was six years old, I watched videos with papa, how others play, how they fake, body-checking. I really liked it and I asked papa to let me play hockey. I know that he played for Traktor, Metallurg Magnitogorsk, Avangard, in the AHL for the Portland Pirates, and he played in the Olympics for Russia.

In hockey I just love everything — the chance, goals, fans. I really love hockey. Papa works as a coach in the hockey school, sometimes I go to defenders’ practices, and he shows me how to shoot right, how to play. At home he also helps me, he explains with a model,” said Sasha Tertyshny.

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