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The “magnet” team is ready to fight!

13 April 2016 | Report

A practice for the growing generation in the morning and the battle of professionals in the evening: the young Magnitogorsk boys share the ice at the Metallurg arena with the finalists for the Gagarin Cup. True, the 2005-birth-year team are pretty hot themselves right now — they’re one of the favourites for the Gazprom Neft Cup, and are going through their final practices in the run-up to the biggest event of the season.

What adult competition are they comparing Gazprom Neft Cup to in Magnitogorsk, what is the “Magnet” coaching team counting on in preparations for the anniversary tournament, and what stars of Russian ice hockey inspire the young “steelworkers” to win big? All the answers are in the piece by our colleagues at the Metallurg Magnitogorsk press service!

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