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Metallurg-2005 from Novokuznetsk — keeping the momentum!

16 April 2016 | Report

Metallurg-2005, the boy’s team from Novokuznetsk, has a reputation for high scores and shutouts. Playing in Siberia and Far East stages of the Russian championship, Sergei Lantratov’s boys were never lower than fourth in the table and had one of the best records in defense. In the second stage, they scored more goals in seven games than any rival team: 43 in total. Their aim at this tournament isn’t just to make the play-offs, but to be there when the medals are decided. See how they plan to do that in a special feature by the Metallurg Novokuznetsk press service.

Sergei Zinovyev, twice world champion, Russian champion, Gagarin Cup winner, and current head of the Kemerovo Region Ice Hockey Federation wished the very best of luck to the Metallurg boys as they set off for Omsk.

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