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The Sochi and Omsk arenas await the players! Watch the photo report!

7 April 2016 | Report

Preparations for the Gazprom Neft Cup International Hockey Tournament are entering the final stage! Especially for competitors and hockey fans, we have prepared a photo report directly from the rinks which so recently hosted the playoff games for the Gagarin Cup, and are now getting ready for the Gazprom Neft Cup! The cameras also captured the mascots of the clubs hosting the tournament. The Omsk Hawk and Sochi Leo gave us tours around the Omsk and Sochi arenas showing the most important spots!

The lively mascot of Hockey Club Sochi, Leo, is ready to welcome tournament participants at the Bolshoy Ice Dome, one of the 2014 Winter Olympics venues. Sochi, 2016

Young athletes in Sochi and in Omsk just won’t be able to escape feeling like professional hockey players: there are changing rooms, massage tables, skate sharpeners, a warm-up gym with stationary bicycles, punching bags, and those favourites among hockey players — footballs! And, of course, the arenas — the stadiums, where everything will be done for the sake of the hockey players and the fans.

The Hawk beloved by the Omsk ice hockey fans is already well-acquainted with the intense fight of Gazprom Neft Cup games. Omsk, 2016

The big multimedia opening shows, referees of an international level, the passionate support from the fans, celebration in victory and the bitterness of losing because of an unfortunate mistake. To experience, to feel, and to live through all of these emotions is what awaits all the teams and each player! We’re waiting for you in Sochi and Omsk!

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