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Petr Vorobiev – “Listen to – and respect – your teachers and coaches!”

23 March 2016 | Report

His coaching career has had it all — both meteoric highs, and catastrophic lows. Above all though, he is renowned for his expert — and highly successful — work with young people. Many of today’s stars — not just in European but in world hockey — made their debuts on one of his teams.

Petr Vorobiev, renowned Russian coach and Head Coach of the SKA-1946 hockey club, St Petersburg

Petr Vorobiev, now heading the SKA-1946 Youth Hockey League team, addressed players participating in the KHL international kids’ hockey tournament, the Gazprom Neft Cup.

Video transcript:

What I would hope for young kids is that hockey should, first and foremost, be a source of joy — everything else follows from that. That’s the first thing. And the second, of course — do me a favour and don’t drop out of school. Because, above all else — in order to know something, you first have to listen. And listening starts, first and foremost, in school. Work hard in school, and the easier you will find it to apply your knowledge, in hockey too. And, naturally, respect your teachers — your schoolteachers as much as your coaches; they are both teachers and mentors to you, to a greater or lesser extent. So what I would wish for you is that you have harmony in your relationships, and a genuine desire to develop and grow — and grown-ups will always be willing to help you.