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IOWA performs at the Omsk Arena before the Superf Final!

29 April 2015 | Report

The Omsk Arena began filling up with spectators long before the concert by Russian-Belarussian group IOWA. Children with their parents, active young people, and even grandmothers with their grandkids interested in hockey, took up the best seats before the interactive stages and took part with great pleasure.

The audience members came up to the table where they were drawing signs. Of course, with the Avangard emblem, since the fans wanted to see the Omsk team triumphant in the tournament. The diversity of games of skill, characteristic for hockey, was a bit dazzling, there were so many. A hawk-transformer danced in time to rhythmic music, next to him was the mascot of the Gazprom Neft Cup, who froze when he was photographed. And indeed you could have photographs as magnets to preserve your memories of Gazprom Neft Cup 2015 for a long time right on your home refrigerator. And of course, there was table hockey...

“We came to support the Omsk players. I’m sure that today they will finally lift the trophy above their heads. It would be particularly special to win it today, when there are 25 KHL teams taking part,” said fan Yevgeny, sharing his thoughts about coming to the Super Final with his young son.

7,000 hockey fans attended the Super Final!

“Our team has handled the tournament wonderfully in the East group. In a few years I think that these kids will grow up into professional hockey players, who will join the ranks of the top team. For the fans the celebratory atmosphere is important, the organizers have inspired all hockey lovers. It seems like you get extra energy to support your favorite team. The kids maybe are seeing hockey for the first time, that’s really important, they will remember this tournament and all the trappings for many years to come,” said Nikolai Stepanovich, hugging his two grandsons and looking hopefully towards the future.

And to IOWA, who were to have started an autograph session, a long line was forming. 45 minutes had been allotted for the session, but the group members Yekaterina, Leonid, and Vasily tried not to leave anyone out, only managing to take photos with fans and pass out prepared cards.

Brilliant IOWA performance before the game.

The atmosphere that IOWA raised throughout the Omsk Arena, with about 7,000 people present, absolutely reached each fan. Lots of songs were sung by the whole audience.

“It was really cool, all the fans and hockey lovers helped to hold the energy of the whole concert. Sometimes the audience even sung the songs. We can sincerely say that it’s hard to follow all the twists and turns of the tournament when you’re always on the road. But we are always up for sports, and for victory in any form. It’s hard to cheer for a specific team. Because we’re in Moscow, and in Omsk, and we live in St. Petersburg, and we’re from Belarus. So we support the international team of the world hockey,” said the IOWA members, gushing their first emotions after their performance.