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Champions leave Omsk to return home

30 April 2015 | Report

“You’re going to play the Chinese, they are 2003,” said a voice in a foyer. These were the parents who had come to support the hockey players of Dinamo 2004, talking to the kids. That means the season isn’t quite finished, although everyone thought it would be after winning the tournament.

“Oof, they are weak. But no fighting allowed, they know kung-fu!” joked the boys, weighing up the news. Before the flight they need to eat well and pack their things. The cup is won, but their schedule is still packed. In the morning they have a tour around the Omsk fortress and the museum of military fame. And only after that they are heading home to Moscow.

Before returning home — an interesting tour of Omsk!

“It’s cool being the champions! I’m proud of myself. Very good. We celebrated our victory, poured water into the cup... They gave us pizza in the hotel. Then we went out for a walk. We celebrated well. And today we went on a tour, saw the military museum, climbed on all the tanks. We almost fired the cannon!,” said Alexander Legkov, one of the heroes of the final.

The tournament gives the players experience not only in hockey, but in life

“The most memorable, the best. Our coach said everything was great. That kind of thing, with fans, with travelling... it was our first time. When we won, we partied! We couldn’t before the game...” admitted Slava Goldenkov.

48 hours in Omsk and memories for a lifetime!

The kids are finishing up their last preparations, packing their things, and going to the airport. Just 48 hours in Omsk — and so much has happened! And the first congratulations are getting to the winners:

This is a final accord, a grand finale! We have proved that Dinamo is the strongest club in Russia! The kids couldn’t settle down for a long time yesterday, they were crazy... but that’s normal. We called the heads of the school right away, and they all congratulated us. Now back to Moscow," Said Valery Ring, one of the coaches of the Dinamo 2004 team.

Thanks to the kids for the tournament! The trophy is again flying to Moscow, but in a year’s time new teams will be fighting for the same prestigious children’s prize, the Gazprom Neft Cup!

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