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“These kinds of trips will help us improve our marks in school!”

25 April 2015 | Report

The Gazprom Neft Cup organizers have prepared not only a packed program of sports for the young participants. Spending time in St Petersburg and in Omsk, the guys got the opportunity to see the local sights.

In the northern capital, Yokerit players visited the national show-museum Grand Maket Rossiya. The visitors from Finland got a chance to learn about a whole range of Russian cities and regions. The Atlant team visited the Peter and Paul Fortress. In Omsk a whole quest for the teams was organized, including searching for keys, riddles, and treasure! The Omsk fortress, the historic beginning of the city, now featuring the embankment, the pedestrian zone and an architectural ensemble of the early 18th century, have not seen so many children’s smiles in one day in a long time.

The tour guides and hosts managed to not only entertain the young hockey players, but also make them think about important things. Yaroslav Tsulygin, a player with Salavat Yulaev, noted:

“There were a lot of details... The orders, the photographs, reflecting the history of people who lived through the war. They fought for us, they gave their lives for victory. This helps paint a picture of what everything was like before us. We saw so many different things people used in their everyday lives. These kinds of cultural programmes are really good and interesting, we learned a lot of new stuff. It will help us. How? In school it will help our history grades.”

The details that Yaroslav was talking about are old record players, medical bags, medals, tableware from the time of the war... The exhibition helped them understand what everything was like long ago.

The Ufa head coach Danila Shinkar looked at the museum exhibition with interest, taking his time to walk through and show his players around:

“We arrived, we were met, got settled in the hotel, ate — everything was just right. We’ve already managed to have a practice, get to know the rink. The ice is great! Now we just need to perform well. And now we have another activity — the kids really like the excursion, it’s all interesting. And I had a good time going with them, without a doubt. The kids find it interesting to see a new city, its historic centre, the very beginnings. Who could refuse such a trip?”