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Severstal -2004: ‘We are Looking Forward for Vivid Impressions and Valuable Experience’

6 April 2015 | Interview

Severstal team will participate in the Gazprom Neft Cup for the second time. How young Cherepovets players are getting ready for this year’s tournament is described in the piece below prepared by the Severstal Ice Hockey Club press service specially for our website.

‘Many thanks to Gazprom Neft Company for such a good thing they do — for organizing a tournament of such a high level and scale. For eleven-year-olds it’s a truly serious competition comparable with the championship of Russia’, said Leonid Mikhashin, director of the children’s and youth sports school of the Severstal Ice Hockey Club. ‘Owing to this tournament, we have a chance to play with other KHL teams. Teams of our sports school usually take part in the competitions held in the North-Western Federal District of Russia, so, as a rule, we don’t meet with the Central Russia teams such as CSKA or Dynamo (Moscow). At this tournament, our players have an opportunity to show themselves at a new, very high level, and to match their skills not only with the North-Western clubs, but also with the teams from Moscow, the Urals, and Siberia. Meeting so many different rivals on the ice during one tournament is such a great opportunity for us to see and understand what, in the first place, we must pay attention to in developing the children of this age group, and it makes us able to plan more efficient training for all young players at our school.

After the 2014 Gazprom Neft Cup tournament, we (the coach and me) analysed the results of the Severstal-2003 team and set certain specific objectives in our work, and I believe that it will have its positive impact and success will come our way.

Severstal-2004 before going to the 9th Gazprom Neft Cup, 2015, Cherepovets. Courtesy of the Severstal Ice Hockey Club press service.

To date, Severstal-2004 is guided by a young coach Maxim Maksimovsky and includes 78 boys. Maxim Maksimovsky took the advantage of the number and formed two line-ups: the first one plays in the St Petersburg championship, the second one entered the Yaroslavl city championship this year (B subgroup) and won the first place there.

‘The team to go to the Gazprom Neft Cup will be made up of the guys who did well in these two competitions’, said Maxim Maximovsky. ‘I was simply happy when our club received the invitation to participate in this major event. It is a great opportunity to meet with teams new for us and to see what we can do. We are looking forward for vivid impressions and valuable playing experience for our guys.

In the 2014 tournament, the children’s team of the Severstal Ice Hockey Club ranked sixth in the West Group, April 22, 2014, Minsk.

‘We are keen to win, so that everyone knows what Severstal-2004 team is like,’ shared his expectations of the 2015 Gazprom Neft Cup Alexander Shilov, forward with Severstal. ‘I know that we will have to compete with strong rivals: Dynamo, Jokerit, and CSKA. We will make every effort to win in those games with them. I think this tournament will surely improve our skills.’

‘It will be a very difficult tournament’, said Ilya Buzenkov, forward with Severstal. ‘We will be representing our club, that means a lot for us, and we’ll do our best to win a place on the winners’ podium. I think that this tournament will be different from those in which we have participated so far. I followed the Gazprom Neft Cup last year, and I know that very strong and experienced teams play there. Although it will not be easy for us to play against them, I’m really excited that we are going to St Petersburg to meet them on the ice.’

This season, Severstal-2004 has already successfully participated in two tournaments. In Nizhny Novgorod, young Cherepovets players won the first place, and at the Steel Character (Stalnoy Kharakter) home tournament the guys won silver.

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