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Vladimir Yurzinov: The Gazprom Neft Cup makes kids happy!

26 April 2014 | Interview

Distinguished Russian coach Vladimir Yurzinov gives his appraisal of the 8th Gazprom Neft Cup, which for the first time in its history was held in two cities and brought together 24 teams from Russia and beyond.

— The Gazprom Neft Cup has made so many children, parents and spectators happy! They will treasure these memories all their lives. Holding such a tournament is a wonderful thing for children’s hockey.

— What can you say about the Super Final? Did CSKA really win?

— If they won the game then all is fair and square. Both teams were equally matched and very technical in their play. I liked how CSKA went about it, but I won’t single out any of their players. Generally at this age there is no need to distinguish between the talents of individual players. They all need to just play and enjoy the team’s success.

— Which team did you like best?

— CSKA really stood out with their technique while Kazan showed a lot of character and team play. The “Army” team has an extremely good coach in Valeriy Cherny. He’s one of my old players and I’ve known him for a long time.

— Did you like the reception in Omsk?

— Every time I come here — and that’s often — I am swept away by the hockey atmosphere. I would like to thank the hosts and organizers for making the Tournament possible. We still underestimate the social significance of such events for children and the city. A huge thank to Gazprom Neft for this event! And I would like to see even more teams take part in such competitions in future.

Teams mentioned CSKA (Moscow) CSKA Moscow