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A tour for finalists

24 April 2014 | Interview

For the Gazprom Neft Cup participants, of course, hockey sticks and skates and rink are the most important things in life. But like other boys all over the world, they also have a place in their hearts for high speeds, cars, and fuel.

One of the presents to the teams participating in the cup Super Final was a tour around two of Gazprom Neft’s major plants in the Omsk region — the Omsk Oil Refinery and the Lubricants Plant. The boys went to the biggest facilities at the Omsk refinery — hydrofining plants Izomalk-2, where they make petrol and diesel fuel to the highest ecological standards. The young sportsmen were also shown the motor fuel packaging area of the Omsk Lubricants Plant. Curious like all kids, they had a lot of questions: what depth the oil is extracted from? What’s the difference between Euro-4 and Euro-5 gasolines? How much fuel does the refinery produces daily? And what’s the best oil to put into a car engine?

Artur Miftakhov, defender, Ak Bars:

“I liked how clean and orderly the plant was. The facilities are huge — it’s no surprise that the Omsk Refinery is the biggest one in the country. This is where they make Euro-5 class petrol, that’s the fuel my parents use in their cars. Use of quality petrol means caring for the environment”.

Igor Zharkov, forward with Ak Bars:

“This was my first visit to such a big enterprise. There are thousands of people working here. It’s good that after work they can go in for sports. The plant holds competitions in football, volleyball, basketball, and even has an ice hockey team, it plays in the amateur league”.

Mikhail Veshchunov, defender, CSKA:

“Today we saw how they make petrol. I didn’t know that so many people are working in such a huge facility just so that everyone can fill up their cars! I was surprised that there were so many computers and huge monitors here. And the whole place was very clean!”

Dmitri Kasutin, forward, CSKA:

“I really liked the robotics that make the containers for oil and pour in the product. The people just monitor the process to make sure that the robot works properly! Robotics makes people’s lives easier. And at the warehouse almost everything is so completely automated, that they always load only the oil that was ordered by the client!”