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Goal extravaganza of the West

21 April 2014 | Tournament

The participants in the Minsk part of the competition have started gunning for their eastern colleagues, who have been setting Gazprom Neft Cup records almost daily. Today at the Chizhovka Arena, three pokers were recorded, all within a few hours of each other.

First Moscow ‘army’ player Igor Tyutyunnikov showed off his sparkling ability to play in his team. The CSKA forward was part of four of six goals by his team against Moscow Region Atlant (6:1 to CSKA), making four worthwhile passes.

Then four goals in a row, in the quarter final by Dinamo Moscow forward Nikita Chibrikov. And all the forward’s goals came before the 27th minute of the game against Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo (9:1 to Dinamo), after which he calmed down and didn’t perform anything else.

And finally the last series of goals of the day took place in the quarter final between two ‘army’ schools of hockey. Moscow CSKA went toe-to-toe with the St Petersburg defence, and got in eight unanswered goals. Brightest of all in this devastating victory was Artem Sapa. After the win the forward was praised by head coach Valery Cherny, who said that with his work ethic, he would have a big future.