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Ak Bars breaks records – Katelevsky scores seven goals in a single game!

21 April 2014 | Tournament

In the morning game on the second day of play in the East group between Kazan’s Ak Bars and Barys from Astana, two tournament records were set.

The game ended with a score of 18:1 (8:0, 2:0, 8:1) to the Russian team, and the forward Dmitri Katelevsky collected 8 (7+1) points! Of Ak Bars number 12’s seven goals, three were on equal terms, one was in the majority, two were in the minority, and one more was into an empty goal.

Six Ak Bars players earned three or more points:

Dmitri Katelevsky — 8 (7+1)

German Tochilkin — 5 (2+3)

Matvei Govorkov — 5 (3+2)

Roman Govorkov — 4 (1+3)

Vyacheslav Kornilov — 3 (1+2)

Denis Kurochkin — 3 (0+3)

Dmitri Katelevsky, forward, Ak Bars

“That’s the first time that’s happened to me — I’ve never scored seven goals in a game before. Especially in the minority, majority, equal standing, and into an empty goal! But I have to say some good things about my teammates — they got the puck really well, played a passing game. Will I get the prize for best offence? We’ll see how it goes. The main thing is to win the Cup!”

Lenar Vildanov, head coach, Ak Bars:

“That’s the first time I can remember this happening. I don’t recall a player getting seven goals in one game before. Yesterday Katelevsky didn’t get his quintuple, he just slightly ’lost’ his head — but today it’s back on. This was unexpected, usually we score equally, but today such an achievement.”

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