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Video: 100TV feature on the SKA training session

18 April 2014 | Report

The St. Petersburg TV channel TV100 continues its series of reports on the eve of the 8th Gazprom Neft Cup Kids Ice Hockey Tournament. This time Petersburg’s top TV channel visited SKA’s young players in training.


This Sunday in Minsk the Petersburg “army boys” will join battle in the Gazprom Neft Cup. They are not stars yet, only starlets. Vladimir Shaposhnikov reports on how our young team is preparing for Europe’s biggest ice hockey tournament for 10 year-olds.

We go out one by one. Defenders. The same on this side.

Evgeny Andreyev, head coach of the young army team. At the blackboard in hockey class. The players listen hard — they will have to put these plans into practice.

Pavel ZIMIN, forward with SKA-2003
We play attacking hockey, we really do. I scored the most number of goals this season. I want to be best player in Minsk too.

SKA took third place in the Petersburg Championship this season, and in Minsk they will be up against foreign opponents: Dinamo Minsk and Jokerit from Finland.

Evgeny ANDREYEV, head coach of SKA-2003
We played with Jokerit in September at a tournament in Finland and we won. But we haven’t played against Minsk Dinamo before, so we don’t know what they are like.

The boy players have enough experience to know that they can’t take anything for granted. Ilya Solnyshkin, the best assistant of the team wants to win the Gagarin Cup for SKA and then go on to the Stanley Cup in Washington. But he tells his teammates to forget about the victory over Jokerit.

Ilya Solnyshkin, forward with SKA-2003
They are not the strongest team, but they’ve built their form, reached their peak and they are ready for this Tournament.

The SKA team includes Matvey Shevelkov, nephew of the well-known actor Vladimir Shevelkov. Matvey was the best forward in the St. Petersburg Championship last year.

Matvey Shevelkov, Captain of SKA-2003.
Of course we want to win! Everybody wants to get to the finals and go for victory.

The boys always have a great support group in training and Petersburg hockey will be well-represented in Minsk.

Angelica BESKOSTOVA, mother of the SKA-2003 player, Alexander Beskostov
We are nearly all going — mums, dads, grandparents, and young children too if we have no one to leave them with. We’ll be supporting our boys, boosting their morale.

The Petersburg boys have the honor of playing in the opening game of West Group on April 20 when they will take on Dinamo Minsk. There are 24 teams in total playing in this year’s Gazprom Neft Cup, which is being held for the first time in two cities — Minsk and Omsk.

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