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Minsk is set up for the Tournament

16 April 2014


12 teams in West Group

From 6 countries

28 matches

At the arena, which will host the Ice Hockey World Championship 2014

Yury Lyashenko (member of the Tournament Executive Directorate)

For the first time we will be using just one arena, the Chizhovka Arena, which is a new complex built specially for the Ice Hockey World Championship. The Arena has two full-function rinks, so for the first time we will be able to hold all of the Tournament games in the same place. So it will be easier to make transfers.

The Chizhovka Arena

A multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex, comprising two ice rinks, a retail mall, shops, bowling alley, sauna, cafes, restaurants and a 3-D cinema

Igor Molchanov (Deputy Chairman of the Ice Hockey Federation of the Republic of Belarus)

All of the infrastructure that is needed for a competition at this level is in place. Spacious changing rooms, two ice arenas just a hundred metres away from each other, electric sockets, convenient parking , a gym, a warm-up hall and a sports hall.

— 13 changing rooms

— 2 ice arenas

— 39,000 and 19,000m2

— Capacity for over 10,000 spectators

Mikhail Avdeyenko (Deputy Chief Engineer for Maintenance of Refrigeration Equipment at the Chizhovka Arena)

Average size of the changing rooms is about one hundred square metres. All of them are fully equipped with skate sharpeners, skate dryers, showers and everything that’s needed for training and technical services and for hockey teams.

Guest changing room

450m2 with rooms for staff, massage and doctors, a rest room and gym, all exceeding KHL statutory requirements by several times.

Each seat has a built-in lattice, through which warm air is supplied for heating.

The dasher boards around the rink act as a temperature barrier — cold air is held inside the arena and out of the stands.

The dasher boards we have here are the only ones of their kind in Belarus, they are injury-safe, because they have a spring system — when a player collides with them, they give way and spring back. That avoids injuries.

Dmitry Melnik (Member of the Directorate of the World Ice Hockey Championship 2014 with responsibility for preparing and holding matches)

All the teams that have been here were impressed by the standards. The Russian national team visited and they liked it very much.

It has taken about 200 kg of white paint to give the space its dazzling “Hollywood smile”.

Maria Kovalenko (Press Secretary of Minsk Yunost Ice Hockey Club)

The arena is essentially 100% ready, everything is in place down to the last detail. We have made provision for all the journalists with a large and spacious press centre: it can serve 100 journalists and has all the necessary equipment.

Press centre for 100 journalists

96 lighting elements (100 kilowatts) for unforgettable show programs

Alexei Kalyuzhny (forward with Dinamo Minsk)

The children can see how they are being treated, how well everything is organised and that everything is to “grown up” standards. That puts them on their mettle and I think they will be very pleased, particularly since Minsk has a brand new arena. They will have a great time playing in a big space like that.

Boys: Belarus cheers for us!

For the children this is a big occasion, a celebration, and for us it’s a final check when we can fine tune things and try out the coordination between different services. The requirements, which the Kontinental Hockey League and Gazprom Neft have set for the children’s Tournament, are very strict and close to what is required for the World Championship. Our standards of preparation are World Championship standards.