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Video Report from Sibir training session

12 April 2014 | Report

How do 10-year-old Novosibirsk ice hockey players start off their workout? Why do children always believe they will win? And what happens with a player who missed the net during the workout? Watch our reportage about the Sibir-2003 team training for the Gazprom Neft Cup!

So that means we’re working in the centre, not hurrying. Whoever missed the net tumbles, ok? Then we’ll do duels.

That’s how a workout begins for the Sibir youth team. The boys, still really young, take to the main rink at the Novosibirsk arena every weekday. Soon they’ll be taking part in the Gazprom Neft Cup. And judging by the players’ mood, just taking part won’t be enough for them.

Danil Zagainov
Sibir-2003 player
I am nervous, but I am intent on victory, we’re going to win every game. I have to drive myself every minute, try not to let the puck through.

Stepan Atkin
Sibir-2003 player
I am confident that everything will work out for me. And for the team, too.

Sibir has been part of the Gazprom Neft Cup since 2010. So far the young players from Novosibirsk haven’t made it to the podium. But these kids, born in 2003, are training even harder. They will be playing in Omsk in the East group.

Yuri Rezepov
Sibir-2003 player
We have different kinds of workouts. There are playing ones, where we just play, and there are ones for strength, where after the ice we run up and down stairs. The whole team is keyed up for victory, but whoever loses, there is the consolation: the most important thing is taking part.

The Gazprom Neft Cup is famous for the high level of organisation. Everyone is like an adult. Even the burden is high — two games a day. But the coach isn’t afraid of the difficulties.

Sergei Akimov
Sibir-2003 Coach
First, they recover fast; second, the regulation providing three periods of 15 minutes playing time. There are three teams in our group — us, Ak Bars, and Barys. Getting out of the group is our first task. Two teams make it out, and our goal as a minimum is to make it out, and then we’ll be in contention.

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