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Gazprom Neft Cup: the Tournament Trophy

4 April 2014 | Report

Gazprom Neft Cup


East Group

12 teams

28 games

Gazprom Neft Cup Super Final

2 international-quality arenas

More than 10,000 spectators

Pavel Sheruimov, executive director of Avangard Ice Hockey Club:

This is one of the biggest arenas east of the Urals, a modern building with everything you need for top-level ice hockey games, including international events. The Arena has enough changing rooms (six), fully equipped exercise rooms and gyms, a press centre, and well-trained staff who know how to make sure that an ice-hockey game goes well.

Different skating styles require different techniques for sharpening the skates — that can be decisive for the success of the game.

Vladimir Tabachnikov, blademaster

I have been sharpening skates since 1975. You use a special scale, take your measurement, get the hollow ready, load the diamond, and away you go.

The ice-resurfacer takes off the top layer of ice, puts down water and even cleans the ice

Alexei Butakov, operator of the ice resurfacer:

Different sports need the ice to have a different texture and temperature. It needs to be a little softer for figure skating, because that makes it easier to rotate, but ice hockey players prefer the ice to be hard, because that reduces the strain on their legs.

Roman Egorov, ice maintenance worker:

We put down a new layer of ice after each game using water that has been triple cleaned.

The water used for new ice is specially purified: 95–98% of the mineral content is removed

Oleg Malitsky, Tournament Press Secretary:

There will be a lot of journalists at the Tournament. Last year we had over a hundred of them — over a hundred publications from different parts of the country were accredited at the Tournament in Omsk. And I expect more this year, because the number of teams has grown, there are 24 teams this time. The Super Final in Omsk on April 25 will be a big event and it will take a lot of preparation, on the information front too.

Pavel Sheruimov, executive director of Avangard Ice Hockey Club:

All the ice hockey facilities in Omsk will be at the service of the child teams, just as if they were grown-ups.

Sergei Shirokov, forward with Avangard Hockey Club:

Joy and emotions ... I am sure they are looking forward to the Tournament. They will remember afterwards how they played — the victories, how they laughed, and there will be tears too for the ones who lost. That’s how it is, I have been through it myself.

Aleksandr Perezhogin, forward with Avangard Hockey Club:

Talk to other boys and make sure in general that you are leaving the Tournament with positive emotions.

Nikita Pivtsakin, defender with Avangard Hockey Club:

I wish you some really good games — fair and skilful, with classy goals, fine victories, and may the best team win!