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Video: The Best Trophy of Childhood

31 March 2014 | Report

To lift the Gazprom Neft Cup in the air is the dream of every young ice hockey player. But what exactly is this trophy? What does it look like close-up, who made it, and where is it kept?

Europe’s largest kids’ ice hockey tournament, the Gazprom Neft Cup, will be held for the eighth time in 2014. Everything will be “grown-up” except for the players: all games will be served by professional KHL referees and will be played on professional ice rinks certified for KHL.

The Tournament trophy, the Gazprom Neft Cup, was made by the same craftsmen who made the KHL’s Gagarin Cup. It has interest in itself as a work of art: it weighs 14 kilograms and is made entirely of natural materials — fine woods and precious metals.

Creation of a cup like this, from a sketch on paper to the finished item, takes some months. Several know-hows and various techniques (casting, forging and etching) were used in making it. It is a trophy that is not just memorable, but also tough and robust — like our young ice-hockey players!

Yegor Kuzminov,
Player with CSKA-2002
— We were really pleased to win a cup like this — a real one! Everyone in the team was over the moon. We crowded round it, we embraced each other. We had won the Gazprom Neft Cup — next stop is the Gagarin Cup!

How many 10 year-olds can say they have Cup like this to call their own? In April 2013 the boys from CSKA outscored Traktor, Chelyabinks in the final. So the Cup has spent a year in the place of honour at the CSKA museum in Moscow, right next to portraits of the greatest “Army men” — Kharlamov, Petrov and Mikhailov.

Yegor and his teammates aren’t resting on their laurels. They are training and giving advice to younger players. But, however their sporting career pans out, that was a victory they will never forget!