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Yamal Airlines: Tournament Official Partner

7 March 2014

The winner of the Group West will travel from Minsk to Omsk for the Tournament Super Final on a special charter aircraft provided by Yamal Airlines, which is an official partner of the Gazprom Neft Cup.

Yamal Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the Western Siberia. In 2013 the company was a prize-winner at the Wings of Russia National Aviation Awards, where it was acclaimed Group II Russian Domestic Passenger Carrier of the Year.

Aircraft types in the company fleet include the Airbus A-320, Boeing-737, CRJ-200LR, Challenger 850 and L-410. Two new Airbus A-321s were added to the fleet in 2013.

Safety is the key priority for Yamal Airlines. The company has a unique automated system for monitoring of performance standards in flight operations, and air crews attend further training courses and rehearse procedures for emergency and non-standard flight situations every year. Personnel servicing aircraft on the ground are trained to the highest standards.

Yamal Airlines has government support, which ensures that its services are accessible to a broad section of the general public: subsidies granted by the regional authorities in Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Area mean that prices for tickets on Yamal Airlines flights are some of the most affordable in Russia.

Yamal is one of Russia’s leading regional airlines by the scale and quality of its air transport operations, which are based on the principles of stability, quality and dependability.