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Success story. Sergei Noskin: “After The Gazprom Neft Cup I decided to become an ice hockey player!”

12 March 2014 | Interview

17-year-old defender Sergei Noskin has been a player of Cherepovets Severstal for several years now. In 2007, being a 10-year-old boy, he became the prize-winner of the first ever Gazprom Neft Cup as part of the Yamal-96 team. Back then the club from Salekhard won silver medals, and Sergei realized that his future was a big hockey!

— Severstal players who are born in 1997 have already completed their season, — shares the last news Sergei Noskin. — But we’re still practicing. We are going to practice until mid-May, and then the team will go on vacation. Besides, at the same time we all are finishing our senior year in high school. So I have a pretty intense pace of life at the moment. No time to rest!

— For several years you have been playing on the Cherepovets team. Tell us, how did you end up in Severstal since you started playing hockey in the Far North District.

— Yes, I did my first steps in ice hockey on the Yamal team from Salekhard. The first major success came in 2007 when we took part in The Gazprom Neft Cup in Omsk. After this tournament I was discovered and had been invited to play on the Severstal team, I still play on that team.

— What was remarkable for you during that tournament?

— First of all, Yamal took second place in the tournament! Silver medals were for us a very enjoyable and somewhat unexpected result because we fought for the victory with very worthy contenders. We have defeated such hockey schools as Omsk’s Avangard, Khanty-Mansiysk’s Yugra, and Tomsk’s Smena. We were outscored by only one team — Tyumen’s Gazovik. Secondly The Gazprom Neft Cup became the first major tournament in my ice hockey career. It was after these events I firmly decided: I wanted to become an ice hockey player!

— So you are saying that exactly The Gazprom Neft Cup has become a decision maker for you?

— That’s right!

— How do you evaluate you prospects in Cherepovets? Which qualities help to achieve goals and which of your skills do you think have to be improved?

— I really would like to become integral part of the Almaz team, which is part of the Junior Hockey League. At the moment it is all I’m thinking about. If we talk about gaming skills, I can surely note my strict defense play. Perhaps this is due to the team’s defensive style. We score not so many goals, but also we do not have a lot of goals allowed. One of my weaknesses is poor scoring . But most importantly, we have a very friendly squad and a good climate within the team. Everyone is willing to stand up for themselves and for their companions. I think we will have very good results in the future.

— This season The Gazprom Neft Cup has changed its format, significantly expanding its geographies. Now the tournament involves 24 teams!

— It’s great! Back then The Gazprom Neft Cup had only 6 teams (smiles). I think the current tournament will be special, not like all the rest. 24 hockey schools and almost all are represented in The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). We could only dream of such a rivalry!

— Which of the schools will be a favorite?

— This is a very good question (laughs)! Right now it is rather hard to predict which team will win the Cup. The competition is incredibly high! In addition, there is a huge interest on the part of the audience. Believe me, everyone will do their best to win and prove that they are the strongest ones not only in Russia but also in Europe.

— Who are you going to root for — Yamal or Severstal?

— I’ll be rooting for Yamal! There are my parents, friends and acquaintances in Salekhard. Despite the long distance, I try to keep in touch with all of them.

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