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Chizhovka Arena Prepares for the Gazprom Neft Cup

7 February 2014 | Tournament

Matches in the West Group of the 8th Gazprom Neft Cup KHL Youth Ice Hockey International Tournament will be held at two ice rinks of the Chizhovka Arena Ice Palace in Minsk. Experts of the Tournament Organizing Committee made a first inspection of the Arena to assess readiness of all facilities, including the central and training rinks, changing rooms, seats and boxes for spectators, the press centre, and reception halls. The Committee decided that a special inspection should be held to confirm the Arena’s readiness for TV broadcasting of the Tournament by KHL TV and Belteleradiocompany.

That importance, which the Belarus government attaches to the Tournament, was emphasized by the presence of Mr. Maxim Ryzhenkov, Aide to the President of the Republic of Belarus, at the Organizing Committee’s business meeting.

“It is already clear that the conditions for the West Group matches in Minsk will be the best in the Tournament’s entire history,” said Alexander Dybal, member of the Gazprom Neft Management Board and chairman of the Tournament Organizing Committee. “With its two ice hockey rinks, Chizhovka Arena can host all of the scheduled matches under one roof, so that teams will not have to commute between match venues. That is a major plus for transport logistics and costs. For the first time, each of the 12 teams in the West Group will have its own changing room for the entire duration of the Tournament. The new ice arena in Minsk lifts the Tournament to a new quality level. This is the first time we are holding Tournament matches outside Russia, and the efforts of our colleagues in Belarus make us confident that the Tournament stage in Minsk will be a success”.

For Reference.

Chizhovka Arena is a multifunctional culture, sport and entertainment complex consisting of large and small arenas, with other facilities in a link zone between the two.

The large arena has an area of 36,000 sq. m. and can accommodate 8,800 spectators. It has two changing rooms directly connected by a passage to the ice rink, and seven tournament changing rooms, complete with all facilities required for major sports events. The small arena has an area of 18,700 sq. m., and can accommodate 1,300 spectators. Most of the small arena consists of an ice rink, with 15 changing rooms for ice-hockey teams, as well as a health and rehabilitation centre.

The link zone has a press centre for about 180 people, as well as conference halls that can be used for press conferences, briefings, presentations, and business events.