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New Chizhovka-Arena awaits the Tournament

13 January 2014

The Chizhovka-Arena — the new culture, sport and entertainment complex, which has been completed in the Belarus capital, Minsk — is the most up-to-date venue of its kind and the second largest by capacity in the city. The Arena, which was built specially for the 2014 World Ice Hockey Championship and can hold about 10,000 visitors, was officially opened in early January. Its ice rink will be a venue for matches in the 8th International Gazprom Neft Cup KHL Youth Ice Hockey Tournament: games between teams in the Tournament’s West Group will be held there on April 20-22, 2014, and the first game will be between Minsk Dynamo and St. Petersburg SKA junior hockey schools.

The very first sportsmen to test the ice at the Chizhovka-Arena were the Russian and Czech national teams, competing at the end of 2013 in the 10th Christmas International Ice Hockey Tournament for prizes presented by the President of the Republic of Belarus. The Russian team won by 7 goals to 2.